About Us
Robert Keidel Associates is a Philadelphia-based consulting/executive education practice that was formed in 1984. The firm is led by Robert W. Keidel, who draws on a wide network of professional colleagues as appropriate.

Our forte is creating cognitive capital. We do so by using simple geometric shapes - including 2x2 grids and (especially) triangles - to describe and explain complex issues and decisions. We view strategy, technology, and organization as inseparable; our work typically spans all three realms.

Three graphics provide a glimpse into our perspective:

  1. Parsing "Team" and "Teamwork"
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    (PDF: 68kb / 1 page)
  2. Organizational Strategy Tradeoffs
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    (PDF: 47kb / 1 page)
  3. Evolution of Organizational Design
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    (PDF: 37kb / 1 page)

We are not for everyone. Ours is an acquired taste. A while back, a colleague suggested that "you're selling lasers, but most managers are looking for flashlights." My response: "our client base appreciates the difference - and values lasers."